About Us

Nightjar was established when it was noticed that there was a severe lack of training & advancement opportunities of existing hospitality professionals and existing guides. Particularly the types of training which allow staff to learn on-the-job and which allow the lodges to train staff whilst not hampering productivity levels by losing staff for days or weeks to train. As the tourism industry grows and adapts, it is has become vital for staff to remain updated in their respective fields and also for lodges to ensure they remain competitive by retaining the best of the best.

Thus Nightjar was established to provide a vital service to the Hospitality & Tourism industries throughout Africa. Our main goal is to provide all inclusive training packages with the highest standards, without needing down-time for the lodge and staff member. All training is done on site and all packages are tailor-made to best suit both parties needs.

“From personal experience, working with Charles Delport as a colleague as well as frequently using his expertise on a contractual basis, I can personally attest to his professionalism and skills as a mentor, instructor and assessor. His knowledge and passion in terms of nature and the training of nature guides is impeccable. The level of training that he is capable of can clearly be seen in any of the many top class nature guides within the industry, which has been trained and mentored by him.”
Willie Coetzee

MSc Wildlife management, Reserve Warden of Karongwe Private Game Reserve