Culinary Training

Nightjar, with the assistance and guidance of our partners & affiliates, ensures that all culinary staff are proficient in:


  • Menu development and analysis–Rethinking and revamping current menus to achieve desired results.
  • Costings and budgeting –Providing you with a workable template to enable proper budgeting of your dishes and advising on ways to minimise food costs.
  • Compiling recipe books
  • Waste management–Separating waste, recycling and starting a compost heap.
  • Health and safety –Teach safe food practices, kitchen hygiene and stock rotation.
  • Teaching of menus and food terminology to FOH staff –Teaching waiters the correct way to explain dishes and ingredients to guests.
  • Establishing and improving on bush set ups–Boma dinners, breakfasts, bush picnics, sundowner stops etc.
  • Implementation or improving on bar snacks, room snacks, game drive snacks, turndown sweets etc.
  • Understanding of the many different dietary requirements
  • Basic Nutrition –Teach staff the basics to a healthy nutritious diet.
  • Food styling/plating and photography ­–Creating and setting standards in your kitchen’s plating designs / taking professional pictures for websites, blogs and brochures.
  • Bread making, cake decorating, sugar flower making & icing techniques and chocolate works.
  • Stocks and sauces
  • Making your own basic cheeses and yoghurts
  • Growing your own vegetables and herbs ­–Fresh produce on your doorstep.
  • Learn how to sprout –Teach and provide equipment for growing your own sprouts and micro herbs (fantastic for adding life and goodness into your dishes).
  • Assessment of staff canteen–provide menus and training for healthy, delicious food on a budget.