Field Guide Training for Game Lodges
Game Lodges

(including 3 – 5* establishments) across Africa looking to improve:


  • Staff productivity
  • Knowledge
  • Guest experiences & Guest Satisfaction
  • Hospitality principles
  • Team cohesion
  • Guide Management
  • Guiding team skill set (FGASA qualifications)
  • Guiding team’s legally required qualifications (e.g.: First Aid)
  • Guest and staff safety

All training can be done on the lodge / reserve premises with existing equipment – ensuring efficiency and on-the-job learning in a discreet and professional manner. Training can be done once-off, or a periodic basis. External Training venues/camps are also available. External Training venues / camps are also available.

Nightjar Training & Consulting can assist in elevating your guiding team to the next level through:
  • FGASA Training & Assessments
    • FGASA Field Guide (Level 1)
    • FGASA Advanced Field Guide (Level 2)
    • FGASA Specialist Guide (Level 3)
    • FGASA Advanced Rifle Handling
    • FGASA Back-up & Lead Trails Guide
  • FGASA Special Exam sitting
  • FGASA Exam and Assessment Preparation Workshops
  • Head Guide Training – specifically aimed at newly promoted Head or Senior Guides, assisting with staff management and company systems
  • General Knowledge refreshers & workshops
  • “Secret Shopper” experience – giving expert advice on areas to improve and assisting with facilitation of these improvements through training & workshops
  • Guest Relations Skills – Including dealing with difficult guests, children and VIP Guests
  • On-going rifle refresher training – Ensuring the guiding teams rifle handling skills are kept sharp
  • Game drive etiquette – including approaching game and dangerous animals & ethical guiding
  • Legal Requirements – ensuring the guiding team are legally complaint
  • Team Building Exercises / Outings
  • First Aid & First Aid Refresher Courses (Dept. of Labour recognized) – done on site
  • 4 x 4 Training & Courses (TETA Recognized) – with a qualified and registered 4×4 facilitator: ensuring maximum comfort and guest safety. Courses vary from one day workshops to three days of intensive 4×4 certified courses. Different options are available, so please contact us for a package which best suits your needs.
*Certain Training aspects are currently only available  in South Africa