Nightjar Training & Consulting has a database of fully qualified Freelance Field Guides across Southern Africa, available as short term relief staff or to assist clients with staff shortfalls.

Nightjar’s Freelance guide’s qualifications and experience will be matched to our client’s needs & budget.

All Nightjar freelance guides have been reference checked! Ensuring high quality temporary staff to fulfill our client’s requirements.

I have had the privilege of knowing the owners since 2009. From the start we had a very good professional relationship. They were two highly motivated people who take a lot of pride in their work. I heard with great interest and excitement about their own new company, Nightjar Training which they started in 2015 and happily started using the company from the word go.

Never had I had to feel unsure of any of our clients enjoyment, safety and overall experience while with Nightjar as I knew that they were in the best hands in the business. Nightjars professionalism and efficiency is obvious throughout, from the way the admin is handled to the actual field work. I certainly envisage a long and successful relationship between Africa Unlocked and Nightjar Training and can happily recommend them to anyone who wishes to develop their tourism and guiding aspect of their company in a positive, energetic and proactive manner.

Albie Venter

Owner, Professional Safari Guide & Photographer, Africa Unlocked

The best training provider I know. The training I got personally was outstanding . Charles Delport opened a lot of doors for my guiding career and I have to thank him for the position I hold today . I would not recommend any other trainings providers.

Keenan Houareau

Head Guide , Karongwe Portfolio

I did my FGASA Level 1 training and (more recently) my lead trails guide assessment with Charles from Nightjar Training. Both of my assessments and my training were done in the most professional way possible. By the end of my assessments, I truly felt that I had achieved something. All because of the way Charles broke things down for me, after analysing every step of how I conduct myself in the field. Charles is fair in that he allows just enough lee way for you to be yourself in what you do, yet he will correct any mistakes you make in the most constructive way possible. Allowing you to develop your skills as a guide, without stifling your individuality or compromising professionalism. I highly recommend Nightjar Training

Matt Roberts

Field Guide