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As every lodge owner & manager knows…

As every lodge owner and manager knows – the key to exceptional customer service and repeat guests, is a well-trained and informed staff team. Due to the competitive nature of the tourism industry, it has become vital for hospitality organizations to go a step above the rest to maintain competitive edge.

This is where Nightjar Training & Consulting can assist your organization to exceed expectations, increase client satisfaction and maximize efficiency, in turn leading to increased revenue and skilled, content staff.
Nightjar Training & Consulting is based in Southern Africa and our services are specifically aimed at the Game Lodge industry in Africa as a whole. Offering unique, tailored training packages, or off-the-shelf training packages to suit the needs of the client.
Nightjar Training specialists are a unique blend of highly skilled, qualified and knowledgeable specialists in their respective fields – from Field Guiding, Trails Guide, Rifle Handling through to FOH, BOH and Chef Training.
Nightjar Training & Consulting offers a one-stop destination for all your in-house training requirements, as well as beneficial staff training packages such as Team Building Exercises and Photographic Workshops for your guiding team to ensure that they obtain top notch marketing images for your lodge.
Our Trainers Come To You!

No need to lose a staff member or potential revenue for the day,

This is on-the-job training at its best!

Here’s a  look at some of the services we provide
Game Lodges
(including 3 – 5* establishments) across Africa looking to improve:
    • Staff productivity
    • Knowledge
    • Guest experiences & Guest Satisfaction
    • Hospitality principles
    • Team cohesion
    • Guide Management
    • Guiding team skill set (FGASA qualifications)
    • Guiding team’s legally required qualifications (e.g.: First Aid)
    • Guest and staff safety
Field or Nature Guides
  • FGASA Assessments
    • FGASA Levels 1 – 3
    • SKS Birding
    • Back-Up and Lead Trail Assessments
  • FGASA Exam & Assessment Preparation Workshops
  • 4 x 4 Workshops & Certification
*Certain Training aspects are currently only available  in South Africa