People are generally creatures of habit, most of us don’t like change, others thrive on it, but one thing is certain, change is inevitable. Change, can often be a very good thing, and prevents us from going into too much of a rut.

Just such a change has just occurred within FGASA, one that I believe will be a good change and will hopefully avoid unnecessary confusion in the future.

All of the FGASA qualifications have received new titles, and the idea is to move away from the old numbering system, to prevent confusion with the NQF qualifications.

Here is a brief summary of the new names:

Old Name:                                                          New Name:

FGASA Level 1:  =                                             FGASA Field Guide (NQF2)

Marine Guide    =                                             FGASA Marine Guide (NQF2)

FGASA Level 2:  =                                             FGASA Advanced Field Guide (NQF4)

FGASA Level 3:  =                                             FGASA Professional Field Guide

Back-up Trails Guide.

Trails Guide.

Professional Trails Guide. (Old Advanced Trails Guide)

Professional SKS (DG) Guide.

We are sure that the new system will be welcomed by all, and necessary change to move our incredible industry forward! Nightjar Training will be implementing these changes on our website over the upcoming months.

FGASA will not be re-issuing certificates because the names have changed, however, all future certificates will reflect the new titles.

Please remember, in order to be a legal guide, you have to have a NQF certificate issued by CATHSSETA, a valid first aid certificate, and registered by NDT in the province which you operate in.

Until next time,

Charles & The Nightjar Team